About Us

About Us

Welcome to iCar Auto Leasing and Sales. iCar is an independent auto sales and leasing company based in Burbank, California. We have established a large network of dealers and lenders that help us provide the best deals for our customers.

Why choose iCar Auto Lease?

We are a Los Angeles-based car lease company that deals in all car models where auto leasing and financing is concerned. We know that there are just hundreds of options to choose from when looking for proper auto financing. iCar Auto Lease is one of the names you can trust, but why?

This is because we are more than eager to help you when it comes to buying the car of your dreams. If you’re wondering why should you choose us, let us tell you that there are a lot of additional benefits that we can offer our customers which other companies don’t.

Benefits that you can avail with iCar Auto Lease: